Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Flexibility Page 1

Rotary Arm Swing, Arm Crosses, Arm Thrusts, Neck Rotation - 4-way

Preparation for Lower Body Stretching, Stiff Legged Swings, Stiff Legged

Circles, Bent Torso Pulls, Accentuated Elbow Stretch, Groin Stretch, Floor

Stretches, W Stretch, Straight Legged Stretch, Seated Groin Stretch, Back

Stretching, Two Men Stretches, Straight Legged Double and Groin Stretch,

Ankle Rotation, Wrist Shaking, Questions & Answers About Stretching

Chapter 2 - Muscle Strengthening Page 21

Without Weights, Push ups, Wide Arm Push ups, Hands Together Push ups,

Arms Out Push ups, Push ups for Flexibility & Strength, Abdominal Exercises,

Sit ups with a Partner, Sit ups Alone, Leg ups, Leg Spreads, Stomach Beating,

Yoga Stomach Exercise, The Stomach Pump, The Stomach Split, Jump Rope,

Work Out Card, Using Weights, Questions and Answers About Muscle Strengthening

Chapter 3- Beginning Mind Control . Page 32

Unbendable Arm, Unbendable Wrist,

Inseparable Arms, Arms on Head

Chapter 4 - Balance and Leverage Points . Page 37

Eight Points of Balance, Primary Balance Point, Other Points of Balance,

Circling and Non-resistance, Specialized Techniques for Applying to Foot-ball Situations

Chapter 5 - KI (Muscle, Breath & Mind Control) . Page 44

Exercises to Strengthen Breath Control, Isotonic Breathing, Taking A

Punch in The Stomach, Taking A Shot in The Ribs, Strikes in The Neck,

Receiving Strike in Back of Neck, Questions & Answers on KI Practice

Schedule for KI

Chapter 6 - Removal of Pain & Avoidance of Pain . Page 57

Throwing Away Pain

Chapter 7 - Falling . Page 60

The Forward Roll, The Forward Breakfall, The Backward Fall,

Side Break f all, Falling

Chapter 8 - The Knee . Page 67

Ki in The Knee, Falling to Protect The Knee

Chapter 9 - Relaxation . Page 70

Relaxation Technique, Deep Breathing, Circle Breathing, Counting the

Breaths, Controlling the Breath

Chapter 10 - The Tiger Eye . Page 76

Half Lotus Position, Tiger Eye & Listening

Chapter 11 - Visualizations Page 79

Learning Through Visualizations, Meditational Imagination, Written

Learning, Coaching Learning, Visualizaticn of A Winner, Visualizations for Relaxation

Chapter 12 - Goal Setting , Page 82

Chapter 13 - How to Develop Explosive Power in Your Movement . .... Page 85

One Inch Punch, Elbow Smashing